Sir Watkyn Morgan, by Danelo Yarnold

My Life as Sir Watkyn Morgan

Portrait of Sir Watkyn Morgan by Danelo Yarnold, specialist historical artist.

Sir Watkyn Morgan is the main personality that I take in re-enacting the period of the English Civil War.  He is one of several personalities, and comes in person to speak to your group. The talk is a friendly insight into the period, as perceived by a man with reasonable wealth and a strong sense of duty to his king.

Find out about the difficulties he has encountered, and about his attitudes to servants and the women in his family. It will tell you much about a past that seems unbelievable to many now.

The format for this is a mixture of theatrical and interactive with the audience. I begin as Sir Watkyn at his desk, reminiscing about recent events and my life-story to date. Then I answer questions from the audience, and will try to answer any question relating to the lives and experiences of people in the middle years of the 17th century. Finally, I bring a range of items for the audience to see, ranging from original material of the period to modern replicas used in the re-enactment world.

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