I am a qualified archaeologist, with a local government career in museums, heritage and culture. I have been a member of council for the Museums Association, and have sat on a range of national, regional and local panels and committees. I have wide experience, and a passion for our heritage, so I can assist you in a range of different areas.

  • Do you want someone to look at how best to tell people about your local heritage?
  • Do you need advice about archaeological finds you have made?
  • Are you looking for unbiassed advice about the way in which archaeology and the heritage are affecting your possible development?
  • Do you need someone to write a local history from your data?
  • Do you need help with database construction?
  • Do you want to create a local heritage website?

If so, then why not contact me. I will not terrify you with my fees, and work in a friendly manner, but I have worked with, and opposite, some really high-level people. You will get honest help, and if I think you don’t need me, or need somebody else, I will tell you.